Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Teacher Gifts

Schools almost out for Summer!!!  I made the teachers a farewell gift and I had lots of fun making them!!  So the gift cards I made yesterday, I attached to another project I handcrafted ~ yes sometimes I feel that a gift card is just not enough!!!  Well as I said yesterday, my daughter's teacher loves Starbucks so I made her very own "logo" out of vinyl and attached to a tumbler I bought.  Loved the way it turned out so also made my dad one that says "Grampa's Coffee".  How fun is vinyl!!!

For my son's teacher, I took a cute little vase and made a bouquet of flowers.  This serves as a multi-purpose gift where she gets to spend the gift card on herself and display the vase on her desk!  Super fun!!


jessica said...

These are AWESOME!!!! What a fun gift!!
LOVE that Starbucks logo cup!!!!!!

Cindy said...

GREAT job with all your projects!! :)