Tuesday, October 6, 2009

October QuicKutz Release ~ PAPER DOLLS

Yes it's Paper Dolls!! Great timing for those Halloween pages for costumes, using the place card die, you can make the cutest name cards (I'll try to whip out a sample!) and cards, cards, cards! The hardest part will be deciding how to dress your doll!!
Just like the 4x4s, the NEW QK 2x2 Paper Doll is the same size as the Retired QK 2x2 Paper Doll. The only difference between the 2x2 Paper Doll and the 4x4 Paper Doll? Well, 2 inches AND the fact that the 2x2 doll comes with 2 heads. One with eyes and a mouth, the other plain. Old clothes will fit new doll, new clothes will fit old doll. LOVE IT!
Come on in to the store or visit QuicKutz.com and check out all the possibilities, then grab a friend and get your Paper Doll Party going!!

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